Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Asbestos Advice for Veterans

Asbestos related illnesses have been a major concern for people all over the world, and the risks are high for anyone who has worked in an asbestos environment. Veterans of the British military services are entitled to claim compensation for their pain and their medical costs if they are suffering from any asbestos related illnesses.

Throughout the 20th century, many branches of the military have used asbestos products in ships, buildings, and other military facilities; the number of people who have come into contact with asbestos fibres are in the thousands.

Here is some asbestos advice for veterans and servicemen who are looking to make a claim:

Getting Diagnosed and Treated
The first thing you must understand is that asbestos diseases can remain dormant for many years, even decades. If you do not remember the necessary details about your employment period, it’s important to try and gather as much data about where you worked so that your doctor can gauge your possible level of asbestos exposure. Early discovery is your best defence again any diseases so even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, notify your doctor of all asbestos contact in the past.
2. Understanding Your Entitlement
Asbestos diseases not only affect your health but your family’s health too. If you or a loved one is suffering with a disease or illness cause by asbestos, you should be entitled to make a claim under occupational industry. If your exposure to the harmful substance is through another person’s negligence (employee) then there are many solicitor firms with specialist experience who can help you.

Looking at the Cost of Asbestos Claims
Although some solicitor firms will charge you a small fee, there are many reputable companies who work on a no win no fee basis. It’s wise to choose a solicitor firm who specialises in work related or asbestos related claims, and because legal costs can be recovered from the other side, claimants can obtain 100% compensation.

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